Live Better 2 Eat Better- LIVE Holistic Nutrition Group Program

The Complete Guide To Healthy & Sustainable Transformation
in 90-Days!

Start Date: Monday, February 1st, 2021 – April 12th, 2021
Time: Every Monday 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Registration Deadline: Friday, January 29th, 2021

(6) LIVE Group Training Sessions (Sessions will be recorded for replay)

5) LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Sessions will be recorded for replay)

Access to my Private Client Portal for ongoing support & accountability

A Free Copy of my 90-Day Holistic Nutrition Food Guide, Meal Planning Toolkit + 7-Day Holistic Reset & Reboot Mini Course!

Additional Supportive Materials, Handouts, Resources and MORE!!

**While the sessions will be recorded and available for replay, you are not expected to rely on them throughout the duration of the program, and instead are expected to fully commit and make every effort to participate during the Live sessions to achieve the maximum results.   

This program is for you if you are tired of:

  1. Going in circles on the diet & exercise hamster wheel
  2. Sifting through all the crazy and misleading information
  3.  Trying to figure it out all on your own 
  4. And you are ready to naturally & successfully:

 – Lose weight
 – Boost Confidence
 – Reduce stress
 – Increase Energy
 – Eliminate Cravings
 – Improve sleep
 – Live a more balanced and enjoyable lifestyle for a lifetime!

 All in a safe, intimate space with additional support and accountability, then make sure you sign up and save your spot!

12+ Years Experience

100% Transformation Rate

I am a Certified Integrative, Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Wellness Educator with a focus on Nutrition Psychology.

Make 2021 Your Best & Healthiest Year Yet!!!

As much as I love meeting and presenting in-person, last year proved to me that my coaching breaks through any perceived “roadblocks or limitations” and I am still achieving amazing results and my clients are still experiencing amazing, life-changing transformations virtually!

Live Better 2 Eat Better- LIVE Holistic Nutrition Group Program

The Complete Guide To Healthy & Sustainable Transformation
in 90-Days!

Our Featured Reviews

My programs receive undeniable success for the amazing people I work with. 

“I made a decision a few months ago to work with Jennifer and her project.
At first I was a bit nervous and didn’t really believe that I would see a change within myself within three months.
I am a new person, I have a better outlook on life and have learned to put myself first.”

Vanessa J. Completed 3-Month Wellness Program

“Taking on a nutrition change during a pandemic made me question my sanity. However, it’s the best decision I could have made. As it relates to nutrition, I’m leaving with enhanced tools to really pay attention to how foods make me feel. Everything healthy isn’t healthy for me. I really thank Jen for helping me pay attention to what my mind, body and soul were trying to tell me. I lost 10lbs and I’ve shifted my mind to what’s working for my lifestyle; not just for what works right now.”

Kristen C. Completed 6-Month Wellness Program

“My awareness has definitely increased and I’m more aware on how foods make me feel.
I also understand that balance is everything and preparation is key! I’ve lost 5lbs, and several inches all over, including my stomach. I am preparing my meals and not just buying highly priced processed meals.”

Mary B. Completed Group Nutrition Program

“I have been in numerous programs, but none as effective as JENuine Nutrition. Jen’s patience is unparalleled. I felt comfortable in my sessions to be completely honest. She listens and passes no judgement if you have an off week. The tools and weekly tasks are life changing. I’ve learned how to re-channel my focus to how and when I eat, as well as what I eat. Working with her I managed to stop taking pain relievers every day, and my energy level has definitely improved. JENuine Nutrition met and surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Jennifer.
She is the best!”

~Ann J. Completed 3-Month Wellness Program

“Achieved major goals during my weeks with Coach Jen. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, driven and patient and definitely helped me focus. Impressed upon me that nutrition is a journey and not an overnight sensation.
I’m in it for the long term and she gave me the tools to stay the course. Her consistent, gentle encouragement and direction motivated me to no end. She’s not just about nutrition but the whole, holistic view of things. Money well spent!!! I would highly recommend her.”

Mia R. Completed 3-Month Wellness Program

“Wanted to send some love your way and tell you that I’m grateful for the time we spent together. Especially the food diary work – which I hated, but now I rely on to find my center and keep my diet in check. The month I spent reviewing my “rainbow foods” in the diary really helped to subconsciously train my brain to seek colorful foods that are vitamin rich. Which is why it’s easier for me to course correct whenever I feel like I’m going off track.”

Jeanette P. Completed Group Nutrition Program

About JENuine Nutrition

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer is the passionate owner and founder of JENuine Nutrition, a Holistic Nutrition & Wellness company that helps busy individuals and organizations create a roadmap to successfully achieve optimal health to improve their quality of life and performance.  She doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for her clients because everyone is different and requires a unique, personalized approach to meet their specific needs. 

Jennifer’s unique coaching method is proven with a 100% success rate where all her clients visibly notice a mental and physical transformation. She has worked with major companies such as food giant SYSCO, real estate giant Keller Williams and has been a regular on KPRC TV Houston. She is also a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Limited Space

So if you’re interested, make sure you reserve your spot before the deadline and spaces fill up!
I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity to take control of your health once and for all!

Start Your Journey to Your Best Self Through Better Health!